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15 Most Promising BioTech Startups - 2018

Dating back to the first human-aided cross-pollination, biotechnology has evolved a long way. In the recent years, biotechnology has made huge leaps and bounds to become more sophisticated, making headways towards more expansive applicability. The extraordinary impact of biotechnology on applied science and industries has developed business models for cost-effective research and development. It encourages stakeholders to establish policies to ensure therapeutic advances. The sector designs and produces a family of diverse bioproducts and services to emerge as environmental friendly smart medicine and materials. What was found only in the pages of science fiction books a few years back is true today. For instance, the world remained a spellbound witness as FDA approved Luxturna, a gene therapy, holding the capabilities of reversing the rare type of childhood blindness. Aiming at the penetration of industrial biotechnology across industries, the demand for DNA sequencing, fermentation, and recombinant technology is steadily increasing. Biotechnology frames the drastic changes in DNA sequencing from enabling the DNA populations to direct sequencing of the single molecule of DNA. Biomolecular engineers are paying special focus on the human microbiome; the synergistic relationships among microbes are being leveraged in order to accelerate the processing of chemicals in a mild environment. Today, microbiome-based therapeutics is a fecund field for drug developers, focusing on the science of bacteria. In addition, researchers are turning their interests toward bionic plants and natural plant biosynthesis from biofuels, with an objective to develop anti-cancer vaccines and proteins. That’s not all. Tissue engineering has opened ways to clinical biofabrication; scientists can now fabricate biosynthetic organs and implant it into patients. It demands cutting-edge research related to the use of cells, protein, biological materials, and biomaterials to build and manufacture blocks for biological systems or therapeutic products. Moreover, modern biosensors can monitor infections in real-time, releasing antiseptics as and when required. All the advancements are aimed at a single objective—to drive immunocompatibility, fabrication reproducibility and not to mention, cost-effectiveness. Biotechnology enriches the capabilities of industrial microbial processes and brings new genes to modify and standardize the style of living. Today, contemporary biotechnology offers biomaterials, which are fermentated of engineered microorganisms including polysaccharides, proteins, and even formerly synthetic polymers. The evolution of biotechnology has always promised advantages to the world and continues to drive results and researches, leading to scientific breakthroughs. While cutting-edge technology ensures a long-term growth for the biotech space, it is an uphill task for customers to decide on one from the wide assemblage of solutions. To make this task easier, we have assessed the top companies that solve biotech challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts and the editorial board of StartupCity has selected a list of biotech startups. We present to you StartupCity’s “15 Most Promising Biotech Startups - 2018.”

    Most Promising BioTech Startups

  • BioCeryx is a molecular diagnostic company turning out of SRI International using proprietary technology. The company's primary goal is to make the next-generation diagnostics universally accessible for patients to benefit from the advances in precision medicine. Precision medicine diagnostic and screening tests are constrained to a small number of centralized labs capable of performing highly complex molecular workflows. It believes that increased access to information is essential for patients to benefit from the advances in genomic medicine. BioCeryx is a molecular diagnostics company working to enable real-time precision diagnostics for everyone

  • ClearLight Biotechnologies is a technology development company focused on the discovery. The company is developing a next-generation, three-dimensional (3D) technology for tissue processing and analysis. This new technology will deliver an unprecedented way to visualize and quantify three-dimensional relationships within the microenvironment of diseased tissues. The CLARITY technology provides novel tissue interrogation, processing, and analysis tools. It will enable a profound understanding of the tissue microenvironment and thus facilitate the development of novel biomarkers and aid in the development of therapeutic targets. ClearLight Biotechnologies' goal is to revolutionize the diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive treatment of disease

  • L7 Informatics is a scientific workflow management software provider revolutionizing scientific process and data management to accelerate discoveries and drive higher quality of healthcare. The company is pioneering the approach to the scientific method and data management with the Enterprise Science Platform. Its end-to-end solutions and services yield efficiencies that enable researchers to make more breakthroughs and healthcare companies provide superior care. L7 Informatics approaches breaks down barriers by providing streamlined processes and better data management across all functionalities. L7 Informatics works closely with customers and partners to develop and deliver a customized solution that integrate seamlessly and are scalable for future growth

  • M3 Biotechnology (M3) is a clinical-platform therapeutics company focusing on advancing therapies that regenerate brain cells and restore lost functions in the human brain. The company sets a stage of novel disease-modifying regenerative tiny molecules developed with the potential to prevent disease progression and even restored lost function. M3’s unique assets act on trophic factors of a highly conserved mechanism of action. The core technology and leading candidate has the potential to address neurodegenerative therapies extensively. The company has optimized a lead compound for the first indication in AD, launched clinical trials, and expanded the therapeutics pipeline

  • MicroCures is a biotech startup that is developing a siRNA technology for wound healing and focuses on unlocking the natural healing process of living cells. The company's technology effectively promotes the regeneration of skin and deep tissue wounds, improves cardiac output after infarction, and can stimulate functional recovery after spinal cord injury. The ground-breaking regenerative microtubule science is now being developed into a diverse portfolio of patents, potential large scale drug therapies, and highly differentiated commercial applications. MicroCures has developed proprietary enhancers and inhibitors of cell migration. Its Inhibitor technology can effectively inhibit cancer metastasis and fibrosis

  • QuantumCyte is a biotech platform that works in the area of developing an effective cancer treatment. With a mission to make patient biopsies faster and more accurate, the company aims to gain precise results on drug therapy. The vision behind the agency’s innovative and unique capabilities is to find applications that will help make cancer curable. The Advanced Inkjet Technology, along with Precision Genetic Analysis, drive the company’s applications that include resolving spatial genealogy, correlating of phenotypes and transcriptome and discovering biomarkers. QuantumCyte’s technologies have features that are precise, automated, comprehensive, and digital

  • RoosterBio works with the mission of accelerating cell-based bioeconomy and changing the way stem cells are used with the help of is standardized services and products. The company enables its clients to achieve rapid transformations from clinical to commercial by aiding the production of therapeutic stem cell-based products with RoosterBio Acceleration Services. It helps create customized bio-manufacturing processes that are commercially viable and sustainable. Its products include bioprocess media formulations engineered to make stem cells’ expansion rapid and are aimed at facilitating the development of regenerative and advanced therapies

  • Xcell Biosciences is a pioneering startup company that offers solutions for clinical research towards developing better therapies using precision medicine, stem cell technology, and immunotherapy. Its highly advanced proprietary cell control system enables finer control over tumor cells, stem cells, and immune cells, empowering researchers to gain direct insights regarding diseases. Xcell’s solutions also help deliver capabilities for quickly growing primary human cells, modulating phenotype, and delivering molecular material into cells. The AVATAR™ Cell Control System is the company’s flagship product and grants precision control over microenvironment

  • 10x Genomics

    10x Genomics

    10x Genomics offers solutions and tools that accelerate and aid biological research to create effective treatment. With a diverse range of products and services, the company aims to provide researchers with all that they need to fuel discoveries. Single Cell Gene transcriptomics, single-cell genomics, single-cell epigenomics, linked reads genomics are among the multiple capabilities that the platform offers. The product catalog is full combines software for cell gene expression and immune profiling and instruments like chromium controller. The areas of research that 10x Genomics addresses are that of cancer, genetic health, and immunology

  • Apostle Inc.

    Apostle Inc.

    Apostle Inc. is working towards developing biotech solutions that can help leverage circulating free DNA or cfDNA. The startup, with its technology, looks to capture cfDNA from a minimum amount of blood drawn and use it for the process of liquid biopsies. Liquid biopsies are meant to track and report the presence of cfDNA in the bloodstream. cfDNA has potential applications in the field of cancer detection as a biomarker. Increased efficiency and accuracy in liquid biopsies can give patients better chances at cancer survival. Apostle MiniMax is the company’s revolutionary product that is currently in use for research purposes

  • Editas Medicine

    Editas Medicine

    Editas Medicine is a pioneering genome editing company focused on translating the power and promise of proprietary genome editing systems into medicines to help transform the lives of people with genetically-defined diseases. Its goal is to discover, develop, manufacture, and commercialize transformative drugs for a range of serious diseases, including eye diseases, blood diseases, and cancer. Editas Medicine has built a platform that uses CRISPR, a potentially revolutionary genome editing approach. Its recent advances in CRISPR genome editing have made it possible to modify almost any gene in human cells

  • Genoox


    Genoox develops and provides a cloud-based big data platform for storing and managing genomic data. Its platform allows medical experts to provide genetic diagnostics and personalized treatments to their patients. It is creating a gold standard for clinical genomic analysis providing integration of human DNA sequences with deep clinical phenotyping, enabling clinicians to provide an actionable interpretation of genetic disease for patients. The company platform is used in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders and cancer, as well as new drug discovery and family planning

  • Profusa


    Profusa's job is to develop the body's chemistry easily accessible to enhance health and well-being. The company is dedicated to becoming a leader in the development of real-time biosensors, providing distinctive insights into the overall health status. The company is growing more accustomed to intelligent wearable devices to track health metrics continuously. The next step is to implement implantable equipment that provides real-time body chemistry surveillance. That future is already here and will have substantial impacts on how people and their health are monitored. Profusa is one of an increasing number of businesses that think that medicine practice becomes more important and effective if concentrate on delivering real-time diagnoses and treatments based on the individual standards of a person

  • Relay Therapeutics

    Relay Therapeutics

    At the junction of computation and biotechnology, Relay Therapeutics is a new breed of business committed to developing medications that will have a transformative effect on patients. The strategy of Relay Therapeutics combines unprecedented computing energy with state-of-the-art experimental methods across structural biology, biophysics, chemistry, and biology areas. This integration illuminates the complete mobility of a protein–for the first time–and gives essential insights into how a protein's dynamic nature controls its function. The firm seeks to modulate protein conformation to create novel therapies for patients by implementing these ideas

  • SQZ Biotech

    SQZ Biotech

    SQZ Biotech, it is a unique cell therapy company that develops a new generation of cell therapies using the proprietary CellSqueeze® platform. Currently, the company is focusing on developing new medicines that leverage targeted immune modulation to affect oncology and autoimmune diseases. By allowing almost any feature to be engineered into any form of cell, the SQZ platform overcomes basic obstacles in the sector and enables the development of a diversity of earlier unfeasible cell therapies. A new generation of treatment can be founded on the SQZ cell therapy platform. In the end, SQZ has the potential to develop therapies that address a wide range of diseases