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15 Most Promising BioTech Startups - 2018

Dating back to the first human-aided cross-pollination, biotechnology has evolved a long way. In the recent years, biotechnology has made huge leaps and bounds to become more sophisticated, making headways towards more expansive applicability. What was found only in the pages of science fiction books a few years back is true today. For instance, the world remained a spellbound witness as FDA approved Luxturna, a gene therapy capable of reversing a rare type of childhood blindness.

Aiming at the penetration of industrial biotechnology across industries, the demand for DNA sequencing, fermentation and recombinant technology is steadily increasing. Biomolecular engineers are paying special focus on the human microbiome; the synergistic relationships among microbes are being leveraged in order to accelerate the processing of chemicals in a mild environment. In addition, researchers are turning their interests toward bionic plants and natural plant biosynthesis from biofuels, with an objective to develop anti-cancer vaccines and proteins.

That’s not all. Tissue engineering has opened ways to clinical biofabrication; scientists can now fabricate biosynthetic organs and implant it into patients. Moreover, modern biosensors can monitor infections in real-time, releasing antiseptics as and when required. All the advancements are aimed at a single objective—to drive immunocompatibility, fabrication reproducibility and not to mention, cost-effectiveness.

While cutting-edge technology ensures a long-term growth for the biotech space, it is an uphill task for customers to decide on one from the wide assemblage of solutions. To make this task easier, we have assessed the top companies that solve biotech challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts and the editorial board of StartupCity has selected a list of biotech startups.

We present to you StartupCity’s “15 Most Promising Biotech Startups - 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
10x Genomics Experts in microfluidics, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, computational biology, and software with a proven track record of delivering successful commercial products built on deep technological innovation
Apostle Inc. A biotechnology company focusing on liquid biopsy - a developing technology that can have clinical applications in early cancer detection, cancer monitoring, non-invasive prenatal tests and many other potentials
BioCeryx Provides a molecular diagnostic platform that enables precision medicine test to be run anywhere with maximal quality and efficiency
ClearLight Biotechnologies ClearLight Biotechnologies is developing an automated instrumentation and 3D proprietary software platform based on the CLARITY lipid-clearing technique
Editas Medicine Focused on translating the power and potential of the CRISPR/Cas9 and CRISPR/Cpf1 genome editing systems into a robust pipeline of treatments for people living with serious diseases around the world
Genoox A healthcare and technology company on a mission to make clinical genetic sequencing more accessible to physicians and patients
L7 Informatics Provides software and services that enable synchronized solutions for science and health
M3 Biotechnology Focuses on developing therapies that regenerate brain cells and restore lost functions in the human brain
MicroCures A biotech startup that is developing a siRNA technology for wound healing and focuses on unlocking the natural healing power of living cells
Profusa Leaders in the development of a new generation of biointegrated sensors with the ability to monitor unique body chemistry in unprecedented ways to transform the management of personal health and diseases
QuantumCyte Provides a proprietary molecular profiling platform for analyzing tumor biopsies to help in new drug discovery applications
Relay Therapeutics Creator of the world’s first dedicated drug discovery platform centered on protein motion to discover and develop new medicines that will make a transformative difference for patients
RoosterBio Accelerates cell-based product development by providing standardized stem cell platforms that enable rapid clinical and commercial translation
SQZ Biotech A unique cell therapy company, utilizing the proprietary CellSqueeze® platform to develop a new generation of cell therapies
Xcell Biosciences Offers cell-control technology to the immunotherapy market to support research, drug discovery, and cell manufacturing