Synthego: Genome Editing Made Easy

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Paul Dabrowski,  CEO, SynthegoPaul Dabrowski, CEO
For decades, genome editing, a defined and targeted art of modifying a genome, has been limited to a few model species, still posing as an unapproachable dream for biotech scientists. While these genetic mutations play a vital role in helping scientists comprehend how genes encode biological functions, cloning the cells of various model and non-model species to achieve that needs painstaking efforts. It all changed after the discovery of clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, or simply CRISPR. However, biotech organizations lack the required genome engineering talent or the expertise to ace CRISPR implementation in their processes for quicker cell cloning. This is where Synthego steps in.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Synthego, an innovative biotech company is guided by a mission to broaden the access of CRISPR, all for the pivotal purpose of accelerating the basic scientific discovery of cures, and developing novel synthetic biological applications. Along those lines, the company helps biotech scientists harness the entirety of CRISPR with an automated full-stack genome engineering and research platform. According to Paul Dabrowski, CEO of Synthego, and a former SpaceX engineer, “Synthego is the merger of biology and engineering disciplines, resulting in a well-oiled genome engineering solutions company.” The company leverages a perfect combination of next-generation informatics, machine learning (ML), and precise and automated genome engineering procedures to ensure rapid and budget-friendly research with consistent results. As a leading provider of genome engineering vetted by scientists from large biotechnology organizations and universities across the globe, Synthego is committed to unlocking the full potential of genome editing.

Our primary goal with Synthego is to break through the barriers to entry for world-class quality life science research by applying next-generation automation processes and engineering principles

Synthego offers its flagship product line, CRISPRevolution, for economical, unprecedented access to fully synthetic RNA and knockout clone cells for high fidelity and enhanced precision in genome editing with minimal risks. The company brands it as the Synthego approach. CRISPRevolution—a direct result of the automation platform—features synthetic guide RNA components and CRISPR Kits designed to effortlessly accelerate the CRISPR/Cas9 and Cpf1 genome engineering research. While the Synthego approach effectively minimizes risks and variables of biological research by automating workflows, it also establishes precise and scalable quality control throughout genome engineering experiments. These benefits, coupled with Synthego’s comprehensive Gene Knockout Kit, are what every biotech scientist needs to accurately and successfully conduct massive genome editing experiments.

That’s not all; Synthego’s CRISPRevolution additionally accommodates applications such as biotech research, CRISPR therapeutics, drug development, gene therapy, and even agriculture, which require DNA-free, high-quality guide RNA. Besides streamlining the CRISPR methods, CRISPRevolution delivers incredibly fast transfection readiness for high-throughput screening and applications with staggering 90 percent gene knockout efficiency. With science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) discipline embedded at its core, Synthego has pledged itself to eliminate the longstanding research obstacles like access to tools and lack of repeatability and scalability that hinder biotech scientists’ ability to control experiments. “Our primary goal with Synthego is to break through the barriers to entry for world-class quality life science research by applying next-generation automation processes and engineering principles ,” states Dabrowski.

Synthego’s true essence lies in its ability to democratize genome engineering tools for biotech scientists and researchers, enabling an increased adoption of CRISPR methods with superior quality, low-cost genome editing products that guarantee a fast turnaround. But Synthego isn’t stopping there. As relentless waves of technological evolution impact the biotech arena, Synthego remains one step ahead, all set to meet the growing CRISPR demands for synthetic RNA and knockout cells across therapeutics, agriculture, and material science sectors.